Written by Shawn Mahoney

Sacred Sea from Beacons Films on Vimeo.

I started Beacons Films to give divers an outlet to capture their adventure in epic 4K cinematic fashion. Because of this, a chance encounter left me with the opportunity to go to Revillagigedo Archipelago, aka Socorro, a United Nations World Heritage Site and bucket list diving destination. On April 20th, I boarded the standard for liveaboards, Nautilus Explorer’s Belle Amie, and we set off for Socorro, 240-miles out to sea, Southwest of Cabo.

Socorro Islands liveaboard

Nautilus meets the cruise ship standards for safety, they even have a triple redundancy safety system provided to every diver including a surface market buoy, dive alert, and their own Nautilus Lifeline. When activated, Lifeline alerts every ship within a 30-mile radius of your distress and exact location via GPS. Every diver should own one and I attach mine to my BCD on every dive now.

We arrived at the first island, San Benedicto, around 5am on April 22nd. The diving there was great and I had an amazing interaction with a very curious dolphin. I also tried out a new wetsuit, the Cressi Castoro which has wrist and ankle zips. We were doing 20 dives in 5 days so I wanted something easy on/off and this suit delivers! Later that night, we set off for Roca Partida.

Socorro Islands

Socorro Islands

Roca Partida was AMAZING! Manta Rays were everywhere with hammerheads, white tips, silky sharks, Galapagos sharks, tuna, bait balls, and even crystal clear blue water. Funny thing is, Roca is the tiniest bit of land with nothing else for dozens of miles. It was definitely the highlight. We did 8 dives here, I want to do 80!

After two days at Roca, we set off in the evening for Socorro and we saw mantas, sharks, dolphins and more. We did a night snorkel with the silky sharks and I used the Gates GT14 lights, which are 14,000 lumens each!

Overall, I’m two months removed from the experience and I still feel the rush of emotion when thinking about it or watching the footage. My housing did get a little beat up but $180, 48-hours, and a call to Rob Duncan, Robin Dodd, and Matt Ferraro at Backscatter, I was good to go and back in the water.

Only one sentiment remains though about this special place, Must. Go. Back.