Build Your Own Scuba Story – Word Game!

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Grab a couple of friends and dive into your very own scuba adventure with the PADI Word Game!


Step One: Fill in the blanks:

Nearby Body of Water: _____________________.

Adjective: _____________________.

Long, Skinny Object: _____________________.

Adjective: _____________________.

Small Underwater Creature: _____________________.

Body Part: _____________________.

Mythical Sea Creature: _____________________.

Body Part: _____________________.

Noun: _____________________.

Piece of Dive Gear: _____________________.

Adjective: _____________________.

Name of Dive Shop: _____________________.

Adverb: _____________________.

Noun: _____________________.


Step Two: Now use the above list to fill in the appropriate spaces below and read your unique adventure out loud!

PADI Word Game Scuba Diving