Are you looking for more detailed information about specific underwater critters or animals? Do you need help identifying critters you saw on a dive? The Critter Finder feature on ScubaEarth shows detailed information and great photos of just about any animal you’ll see underwater.

leafy sea dragonStart exploring Critter Finder by clicking on the Critter tab from the top menu on ScubaEarth. In the search box, type in the name of your favorite critter to find out interesting facts such as how sunfish go by more than one name – mola mola, or how leafy sea dragons rely on elegant camouflage to provide protection from predators.

On the homepage of Critter Finder, you will also be presented with the top five most popular searched critters. Not only can you find detailed information and great photos of your favorite critters, but you can also take advantage of the aggregate data populated by other ScubaEarth users to find out where your favorite critters have been recently spotted. It’s real-time data so it’s not just something you can Google.

shutterstock_221047945Also, if you weren’t able to recognize any of the critters you saw during a dive, you can use Critter Finder to make a positive identification. This will make you much more confident when it comes to uploading and tagging critters in your photos.

Join ScubaEarthlings and help build the database of critter sightings by tagging the marine life you spot on your dives. Let’s go through the steps of tagging a green turtle in your logged dive:


Step 1: Click on the blue Log a Dive button
Step 2: Select a dive site
Step 3: Fill in dive data – date, maximum depth, bottom water temperature, visibility, bottom time, etc.
Step 4: Identify Marine Species seen on the dive by searching for “green turtle” in the database
Step 5: Upload a photo of the green turtle seen on your dive

Sign up or login to ScubaEarth today to start tagging critters in your logged dives and use the Critter Finder feature.

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