Here at PADI we love all the creatures of the ocean, but we have a special place in our hearts for four-legged topside critters too! Below are some photos from PADI Staff of their furry friends. It’s a tough call, but who’s do you think is the cutest?

Sue's pups
Charlie & Annie
(Sue Porter – Senior Business Analyst)

Note from Sue: We adopted Charlie and Annie from Doggies 911 Rescue in San Pedro.
Charlie loves…loves…loves to play ball and pester his sister into playing. Annie is more laid-back and likes to cuddle

Eliot and Zooey Linda's cats PADI Marketing
Eliot and Zooey
(Linda Silver – Marketing & Events Specialist)

Note from Linda: They are rescued, brother and sister, sparring partners and best friends.

LeRoy Wickham's cat
Katniss, the cat on fire
(Leroy Wickham – Central / Southwest US Regional Manager)

Kelly Rockwood PADI and her horse Freddy
Freddy and Kelly
(Kelly Rockwood – Training Consultant)

Note from Kelly I raised Freddy from a baby. He was orphaned when he was 4 months old.  He is now 15

Sam's dog Stanley
Sam Yost
Sr. Financial Analyst

Note from SamStanley is a 7 year old Bichon-Poodle. He was born the year the Ducks won the Stanley Cup, hence the name. His middle name is actually Cup.

Morning Pull ups
(John McFadden, Training Consultant)

Note from John: We adopted JJ from a local animal shelter.  When we went to collect him, he came out of his cage, walked straight into the open pet carrier, sat down and looked at us, as if to say “I’m ready to go home now.” 

The title of this photo is : Morning Pull-Ups

Nancy's dog Dancer
(Nancy Fisher – Executive Assistant to the President & CEO)

Note from Nancy: I rescued Dancer 5 years ago when she was 2 years old.  She is a German Shepherd – Husky mix.  Dancer loves people, going to the Laguna Beach dog park and chasing the birds at the ocean.       

Kimberly Warner PADI dogs
Macy and Abby
(Kimberly Warner – Executive Assistant)

Andy's Pup
(Andy Kunig Training and Quality Management)

Note from Andy: Asha is 12 years old and just now getting over her fear of water. Sheesh!

Jeff Nadler's cats
Bagheera and Mr Baggins
(Jeff Nadler Industry and Governmental Relations Executive)

Note from Jeff: The black cat  I adopted at 2 years old, he spent his whole life in foster homes. The 8-year-old long-haired Maine Coon I adopted when he was 8 months old.

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