Looking for a dive destination that offers an incredible topside experience as well as amazing diving?  Then keep your eye on ScubaEarth in the coming weeks as we feature the breathtaking mix of coral atolls and volcanic islands that make up the Cook Islands, the remote desertscape and clear waters of Baja, Mexicoand Fiji, famous for its sandy tropical islands and friendly locals!

Cook Islands

Cook Islands

Made up of 15 small islands this must-see destination offers an exciting range of diving delights. Highlights include a range of interesting swim-throughs, numerous varieties of hard coral and crystal clear waters that produce consistently good visibility, normally 40 meters/120 feet. Topside enjoyments are also just as plentiful. Immerse yourself in the islands traditional customs, and discover a culture that embraces music, particularly the drum, as well as arts and crafts like weaving, carving and painting.  Be sure to try some of the traditional Cook Island food.


Baja MexicoNot only home to fabulous Mexican food, Baja also hosts an incredible array of marine life, making this strip of coastline a definite bucket-list item. With the Pacific Ocean on one side and The Sea of Cortez on the other, the opportunities for great diving are endless. It is often the heavy weights of the underwater world that are spotted in these waters, including whale sharks, rare sea turtles, sea lions, manta rays, whales and a variety of shark species. Make the most of your surface intervals in Baja by experiencing some of the renowned nightlife offerings in Cabo San Lucas, or tackle the surrounding sand dunes by quad bike.


FijiKnown as the soft coral capital of the world, Fjii offers an escape to a colorful place, both above and below the surface. Underwater the diving is nothing short of amazing. The strong currents keep the corals nice and plump and mean that drift diving is common activity. Walls, drop-offs and pinnacles are also found around the islands and are populated by a diverse range of tropical marine life. With stunning beaches that showcase incredible sunsets, coupled with a carefree way of life, Fiji provides the perfect backdrop for the ultimate getaway.

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