ScubaEarth now has a new destination feature on East Timor.

From majestic mountains to barely visited coral reefs and exquisite Banyan trees in between – East Timor is a destination that has some fantastic adventures to offer. Also known as Timor-Leste (Portuguese for East Timor), East Timor is located between Australia and Indonesia, in the heart of the coral triangle.

Below the surface, there are an endless number of amazing dive sites to explore where you can encounter massive dolphin pods, travelling whales, turtles, rays and even dugongs. Above the water, you can take in the natural top side beauty while experiencing the unique culture of this stunning destination.

The feature also includes a great overview as well as detailed infomation on Destination Essentials, Iconic Marine Life and Top Dives. The Destination Feature will answer all those questions such as – when you should go and what you should pack.

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East Timor Featured Destination

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