Remembering Dad through Scuba Diving

Our video of the week is the perfect story to celebrate Father’s Day (June 15th). It’s a beautifully edited, true story of a young man who learns about his dad through the things he left behind – including scuba diving equipment – and visits the common ground they shared between generations.

Here’s the official description from filmmaker, Richard Butterworth:

My old man died 18 years ago. I spent the last couple of months going through his old things and really enjoyed what I found. 8MM footage that had never been watched, letters, photos and old SCUBA gear made a touching portrait of his passions and Its reassuring to see how similar we ended up. A nice coincidence, or perhaps he had a bigger influence than I remember.

Richard’s narration is engaging and reminiscent of days gone by. But, in case you’re wondering about some of the  comments… Yes, Richard did find his father’s gear in the garage, but he had it fully inspected and serviced before diving with it to ensure it was still in safe, working condition. If you’re concerned about what he said to his Mum before jumping in, rest assured that Richard does know how to make a safe ascent through his training – and his comment was only tongue-in-cheek and his way of explaining something this to his worried, non-diving mother!

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