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  • Batty about Batfish

    Batty about Batfish

    No matter where you’re from or where you’ve dived, the chances are you’ve heard of batfish – but did you know there’s actually several different species which share this spooky-sounding name? Batfish #1: Chaetodipterus faber Belonging to the Ephippidae family, this batfish is more commonly known as the Atlantic Spadefish. […]

  • Scuba-themed Halloween Costume Ideas

    Scuba-themed Halloween Costume Ideas

    Do you like dressing up for Halloween? Love the ocean? You’ve come to the right place. Read on for an assortment of costume ideas for scuba divers –  including DIY Halloween costumes for kids and adults. Show your diver pride! Be a scuba diver for Halloween It’s easier than you might […]

  • Heal the Reefs

    Heal the Reefs

    Topside, the earth-friendly community adopts streets and parks, so it only made sense for divers to adopt the same principles to some of their favorite dive sites. These four dive shops have proven that cleaning up your little area of the ocean, can make a big difference whether you are creating […]

  • Scuba Diving: Changing Lives for the Better

    Scuba Diving: Changing Lives for the Better

    Learning to scuba dive can change your life – there’s no denying it – and it can be even more true for children and young people with disabilities or complex backgrounds, such as being orphaned or having behavioural problems. We interviewed Syed Abd Rahman from Kids Scuba about his experiences of […]

  • Ocean Stories: Mysteries, Legends and Superstitions

    Ocean Stories: Mysteries, Legends and Superstitions

    Ready for some spooky ocean stories to tell before your next night dive? Today’s post includes tales of ghost ships and sailors’ superstitions. Heed these tales or find yourself in Davy Jones’ locker!  For those who dare to read on, we’ll share some of the world’s eeriest places to dive. […]