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  • Introducing Gary Green, PADI AmbassaDiver

    Introducing Gary Green, PADI AmbassaDiver

    Our lives do not always go as planned. Sometimes, we face obstacles that we believe we’ll never manage to break through. But what do you do when conflict and war destroys not only your body, but also your mental health and all hopes of a ‘normal’ life? How do you reconstruct yourself? For Gary Green, our […]

  • 16 Scuba Diving Celebrities

    16 Scuba Diving Celebrities

    What’s more exciting than seeing a whale shark while diving? How about spotting an A-list celebrity underwater? OK, maybe that’s not quite as exciting, but it’s close. Hollywood directors, royalty, and movie stars that have earned their certification cards hold special places in our hearts. When you see these superstars on the […]

  • PADI Women in Diving: Marida Casati

    PADI Women in Diving: Marida Casati

    Don’t miss Women’s Dive Day is this coming Saturday, the 16th of July. In the lead up to the event, we discuss women in diving with Marida Casati, manager of the Dive Centre ‘Ambiente Liquido Centro Formazione Istruttori’ in Gioiosa Marea (ME) – Sicily, Italy. Why/How did you become a PADI […]

  • Scuba Gear Made for Women

    Scuba Gear Made for Women

    When it comes to male and female attire, there are different cuts and designs for everything from jeans to shirts to jackets. So what about scuba gear? The good news for scuba divers is that manufacturers seem to be celebrating those differences, with dive equipment built for the shapes and sizes that […]

  • Why More Women Should Become Divers

    Why More Women Should Become Divers

    Based on feedback from many male and female divers, we have made some edits to the original article. Scuba diving is becoming increasingly popular with women, but unfortunately there are still disparities between genders in this adventure sport, with a significantly higher number of men becoming certified compared to women. Read on […]