Vacation for a Cause: Make Your Next Vacation Make a Difference

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If you’re looking to add a little more meaning to your next vacation, why not include a volunteer project? There are countless volunteering opportunities that you can choose from and you’ll find them in almost every part of the world. Volunteer projects vary considerably and the role you’ll play will depend on your particular skills and the organisations’ needs and goals.

If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a few ideas.


Vacation for a cause - Thailand

One of the world’s best known destinations for diving, Thailand is also a great place to get involved in making the world a better place. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to help protect the beautiful coral reefs both by diving and on land. If you’re not yet a PADI® Open Water Diver, Thailand is a great place to come and get certified and take part in a volunteer project.

South Africa

Vacation for a cause - South Africa

If your idea of a great holiday involves adventure then South Africa will be paradise for you. Here, in the Great White Shark capital of the world, you can do your part to protect this beautiful but vulnerable species. Every volunteer project will offer different opportunities but many will offer the chance to go cage diving with Great White Sharks.

Costa Rica

Vacation for a cause - Costa Rica

Consider participating in a volunteer project in Costa Rica if you prefer a more relaxed destination. Here you’ll be able to enjoy sun, surf and scuba in a laid back environment. Of course, there is some adventure to be had if you do wish to seek it out. In Costa Rica you’ll find opportunities to volunteer with Sea Turtles on both coasts of the country.


Vacation for a cause - Fiji

The Soft Coral Capital of the World, Fiji, has something for everyone – on land and under the water. It is rich in culture and has some of the most stunning dive conditions in the world. Your conservation work could be based around protecting corals or, if you’re more adventurous, sharks.

What to consider when choosing a program.

It’s really important to do your research before choosing a volunteer program. Here are a few things that you should consider and ask questions about before signing up for any program.

  • Is this the right program for you? Think about the type of work you’ll do and the conditions you’ll be living and working in.
  • Will the organisation provide support for you before your trip and while your away? Should something happen, will there be staff available on the ground or by phone?
  • Do you have all the information you need? It’s a good idea to speak with past and present volunteers as well as organisation staff to find out if there’s any additional information you might need. For example, are there visa requirements, is it easy to get from the airport to your destination etc.
  • If you’re paying a program fee, where is the money being spent? It’s always a good idea to some research into the legitimacy of the organisation and find out how they are spending and funds they receive.

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