We Asked PADI Staff: How do you fuel up for a day of diving?

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We asked PADI Staff: How do you fuel up for a day of diving? Turns out we’re a group of banana fans and caffeine heads!

Budd Riker – PADI Training Consultant (Americas)
Espresso, string cheese and bananas.

Juanita Seino – Senior PADI Customer Service Representative (Americas)
Water, yogurt and bananas. Light yet powerful

bananasSue Porter – Senior Business Analyst
I was getting indigestion when I dove first thing in the morning and had breakfast.  So now it is a banana and granola bar before diving in the morning.

Jeff Nadler – Industry and Governmental Relations Executive
Diving after eating makes me feel uncomfortable, so a piece of toast and a cup of coffee are the way I like to start out my diving day – then celebrate the day with an excellent meal afterwards.

Brigit Jager – PADI Training Consultant (PADI Asia-Pacific)
A hearty, healthy breakfast, some fresh fruit and lots of water

Mark Caney – Vice President, Training and Customer Services (EMEA)
If it is early morning, absolutely must have a decent coffee or three. Cappuccinos are best. If it’s a dive in the tropics, fruit makes a refreshing start. If it’s in the UK in winter, you can’t beat a Mars Bar. (I should point out that other chocolate confectionaries are available though :-)  )

Editor’s note: we did some quick Googling and besides there being other chocolates besides a Mars Bar, what a Mars Bar “is” depends on what country you’re in!

Simon Chance –  Manager, PADI Retailer and Resort Associations (EMEA)
Tea. Lots of tea. And bacon sarnies.

Chris Heitkemper- Instructor Examiner / Consultant, Training & Quality Management (EMEA)
coffee drinks
Danielle Schofield –  Marketing Coordinator (EMEA)
Tea and plenty of chocolate!

Su-Li Wong – Consultant, Training & Quality Management (EMEA)
A vanilla latte, followed by Coconut Water.  Fizzy water and a few zzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s in the car.
(not me driving!!!)

Matt WengerConsultant, Training & Quality Management
(Europe, Middle East and Africa Office – EMEA)
Loads of coffee before diving, and a few beers after a great dive.