Dive Downbelow Marine & Wildlife Adventures – Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

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The endless summer with Camps International Adventure Groups

For the past six weeks of this summer, the island staff team at Dive Downbelow Marine & Wildlife Adventures have greeted group after group of UK-based adventurers’ from Camps International and felt very proud to provide them with a unique education about the local natural environment.

More than 330 students from various schools in the UK arrived in groups of 30 to 50 to participate in the exciting island activities conducted at Downbelow’s premier PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre located on Gaya Island, Kota Kinabalu – a gem in the warm waters of the South China Sea!

Many of the visiting adventurers’ qualified as PADI Open Water Divers with tuition from Downbelow’s experienced and dedicated team of PADI Instructors.  Previously certified divers were encouraged to continue their dive education by certifying as PADI Advanced Open Water Divers or by joining the leisure dive boats to explore the reefs of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park.

Non-divers had many options to explore the marine environment and the local landscape. Gaya Island offers trekking through jungle trails to spot endemic wildlife, guided kayaking in the nearby bay with one of Downbelow’s experienced team and guided snorkeling in shallow reefs to enjoy the marine ecosystem.

A presentation on Coral Reef Conservation was delivered by one of the experienced team to educate the group about the hazardous effects to the local area and what efforts can be made to protect and preserve the natural environment. The program inspires the adventurers’ to get involved when Downbelow’s island staff team organises a beach clean project. The active volunteering encourages them to take a more environmentally friendly approach in future.

Committed marine activist and resident Platinum PADI Course Director, Richard Swann believes “the unique education we [Downbelow] can provide to demonstrate more about the benefits of protecting our natural environment, is a responsibility and pleasure to share with future generations.”

Inspiring others and raising awareness within the community is an ongoing passion that the Downbelow team intend to continue and they’re looking forward to greeting their next round of adventurers!

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Downbelow Camps International

Downbelow’s island staff team of PADI Instructors on the beach at Gaya Island Dive Centre with the latest group of adventurers’ who jump for joy to celebrate an amazing experience!