ScubaEarth Featured Destinations: BVI Aruba Brazil and Cambodia

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ScubaEarth dive travel guides featured destinations

If you’re looking for ideas for your next scuba diving holiday, check out our list of our ScubaEarth featured destinations for March. Click the destination name to find out more about the location include top dives, iconic marine life and 1-5 star diver reviews for every dive site in the area.

British Virgin Islands
If you love wreck diving, then you definitely want to consider boarding a plane to the British Virgin Islands (BVI). BVI is home to the RMS Rhone, which sunk in 1867 and is featured in the movie, “The Deep.” For those who don’t prefer wreck diving, there is vibrant marine life to enjoy and many activities above water including sailing, dining and relaxing on one of the many sandy beaches.

Aruba is well-known for its shipwrecks and is home to both Antilla and Pedernales, two ships from the World War II era. Those who enjoy reef diving can explore Malmok Reef, Barcadera Reef and Lago Reef, which are made up of brilliant, colorful coral formations filled with schools of fish. Other marine life you might see includes sea turtles, manta ray, spiny lobster and barrel sponges.
ScubaEarth Brazil Scuba Diving info
Brazil is worth traveling to just for its beauty alone. The captivating country offers over 7,000 kilometres/4,300 miles of coastline for divers to explore and is home to exciting marine life such as bottlenose dolphin, whale sharks, sea horses and nudibranch. Divers can travel to Brazil any time of the year, but its summer months (December through February) are often the most popular. When you’re not diving, take some time to try the Brazilian cuisine and if you plan your trip right, take part in the world famous Carnival.

Get more out of your dive experience by traveling to Cambodia, which boasts diverse, unique marine life and beautiful coral reefs. On your dive, you might see batfish, nudibranch, kingfish, spotted sweetlips and more. Dry season runs from November through April, but you can dive all year round. On your trip, don’t forget to visit Angkor Wat, which is the largest religious monument in the world.

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