Featured Video: Puerto Galera – Philippines

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As the Philippines is this month’s vacation spotlight we thought we would feature one of our favorite videos.

It was shot and produced by Nihal Friedel, Tiffany Ng & Martin Kulig in Puerto Galera, Philippines. They have a great channel on Vimeo and you can check it out here: vimeo.com/nauticlife.

If you want more information on diving in the Philippines make sure you check out the Philippines Vacation Spotlight and locate a PADI Dive Shop.

Puerto Galera – Philippines from Nautic Life on Vimeo.

Shot over 3 days worth of diving in Puerto Galera. Philippines is definitely a great place to dive, and Puerto Galera is no difference. Being a divers paradise, there was always a lot to see on each dive, from tiny nudibranches to big turtles and some very eery wrecks. Shot on two Sony RX100.