ScubaEarth Diver Spotlight – Dragos Dumitrescu

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An article on diving published in 2006 was the catalyst for a lifetime of excitement and new adventures for Dragos Dumitrescu. Now a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Dragos jumped fin first into diving after taking his Open Water course in the Black Sea. He said despite the “low vis and cold water… the feeling was amazing!” So addicted and passionate about diving Dragos continued to look for ways to spend as much time as possible in the water diving. He became a PADI Divemaster in 2009, which was where the real journey began.

Dragos uses ScubaEarth to log dives and look for friends and students, and he certainly has found them! With over 700 dive buddies Dragos continues to share his passion with the world, saying that ScubaEarth is “the best way to keep in contact, plan trips [and] dive together.”

Dragos - Manta

Dragos has dived in many locations around the world and lists the Similan Islands in Thailand, Apo Island in the Philippines and Lembongan in Indonesia as some of his favorites. Recalling one story from leading a dive in the Maldives, he chuckles, as he explains that he was trying to show his divers the best that this particular dive site had to offer. He had spotted a goby in the sand, poking its head out watching the group. Trying to alert his divers to this, he was only getting back a mixture of funny signs, big eyes or laughter. Mystified he continued the dive, and it was only when they had surfaced did the real reason emerge. Looking at a photo that one of the divers had taken, directly above him [whilst he was preoccupied pointing out the goby], was a HUGE manta gliding past that he had completely missed!

As a devoted marine enthusiast, Dragos’ top tip for diving is simply “Love the ocean. With that everything will come and improve: buoyancy, air consumption, conservationism etc.”

Clear waters are on the horizon for Dragos next dive conquests which include the Galapagos, the cenotes in Mexico and places like Raja Ampat and Komodo.

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