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As 2013 draws to a close, what better time to reminisce and revisit the ScubaEarth user highlights from what has proved to be a busy year! Here are our Top ScubaEarth Users for 2013.

Top Dive Centre: Pan Aqua Diving, Inc.

pan-aquaThis dive centre located in the big apple has certainly hit it big on ScubaEarth! With 156 people in their Dive Crew, Pan Aqua Diving in New York have maintained their prominence on ScubaEarth throughout the year. Identified as a key leader earlier in the year when they featured on our ‘ScubaEarth: A year in the Life’ Infographic, Pan Aqua continue to build their presence.

Other notably active Dive Centres on ScubaEarth include Abyss Scuba Diving in Australia and Al Boom Diving Club in Dubai.

Top PADI Pro: Roel Schulting

ScubaEarth Power User Roel SchultingRoel is no stranger to diving a variety of exotic locations, his list including Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and the Galapagos. His previous experience as a hydrographic surveyor certainly helped familiarise him with the ocean, but it was his passion and enjoyment of the underwater world that saw Roel take his first steps to becoming a PADI Pro. His delight of sharing his own diving experiences and knowledge is one of the reasons Roel has more than 400 logged dives on ScubaEarth, admitting that there are still more dives in his resume to be logged!

Read more about Roel’s diving history here

Top PADI Diver: Gregory Dietz

Greg Dietz Scuba DiverA fascination with life below the surface, as inspired by Jacques Cousteau, has seen PADI Master Scuba Diver Greg Dietz rise through the ScubaEarth ranks. With over 260 logged dives and the addition of 55 dive sites to ScubaEarth’s growing list, Greg finishes the year as our top PADI Diver.

Palau, Cenotes in Mexico and the Galapagos are high on Greg’s list of next-to-dive locations, and I’m sure we will soon see these destinations added to his impressive ScubaEarth log book.

To follow Greg’s future adventures find him on ScubaEarth

ScubaEarth user with the most logged dives: Andrew Ricks

Andrew Ricks Mayor of ScubaEarthWith a grand total of 1004 logged dives, Andrew Ricks holds the record for the most logged dives on ScubaEarth, along with the title of the first appointed Mayor of ScubaEarth. Andrew has been a PADI Pro since 2006 and loves the concept of logging all your dives online, [it’s a] “great idea bringing divers together and having a source of reliable up to date information and I am trying to get all my students to take it up as a backup logbook and reference place for us.”


Read more about the ScubaEarth Mayor here

ScubaEarth user with the most dive buddies: Dragos Dumitrescu

dragosOver 700 people call Dragos a dive buddy on ScubaEarth with the number on the increase. We asked him what his motivation for joining ScubaEarth was, and his response was simple “because of all the people who share the same passion. It’s the best way to keep in contact, plan trips, [and] dive together.” After his initial leap into the water in 2006, Dragos became so addicted and passionate about diving he pursued his Divemaster certification and is now a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer. Having to choose a favorite dive site is always an impossible task, but Dragos narrows down these as some of his best experiences; Similan Islands in Thailand, Apo Island in Philippines and Lembongan in Indonesia.

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We have had some incredible ScubaEarth milestones in 2013 and we hope that these continue through 2014. Perhaps we will see the rise of more ScubaEarth power users and a challenge for the crown, Mayor of ScubaEarth!

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