Top ScubaEarth Dive Sites 2013

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PADI Divers are diving all over the world in a variety of astonishing locations and environments. Exotic dive destinations are always a favorite, but what about those closer to home dive spots that see more frequent entries in your log book?

We count down the top 10 Dive Sites on ScubaEarth for 2013, as selected by ScubaEarth users. The dive sites selected are based on the number of logged dives recorded on ScubaEarth.

#10 Casino Point, located on Catalina Island, California, USA

A favorite dive site amongst Californian’s, Casino point offers up great conditions for the perfect shore dive. Easily accessible, varied marine typography and a healthy measure of sea life are just some of the reasons Casino Point comes in at number ten on ScubaEarth’s list of top dive sites.

#9 La graviere du fort, France

Jacques Cousteau first tested his Aqua Lung off the coast of France, so it seems fitting that diving in France is featured high on ScubaEarth’s most logged dive sites. La graviere du fort is found near Strasbourg and encompasses 12 acres of freshwater lake. Combining great visibility, a bottom type of both pebbles and vegetation, as well as remarkable diversity of flora and fauna, this inland dive is a great addition to any diving list.

Thailand#8 White Rock, off Koh Tao, Thailand
Koh Tao is world renowned for diving, so it is no wonder that White Rock, reachable by boat from the island also joins the ScubaEarth list. It is an ideal spot for you to get a taste of night diving. Swim between the two pinnacles and explore the varied range of hard and soft corals or glimpse the numerous schools of butterfly fish and angelfish that frequent the area.


#7 Clear Springs Scuba Park, Texas, USA
A 22 acre freshwater lake in the middle of Texas, this dive site includes 9 underwater platforms for divers to explore as well as the infamous ‘Sisco’, a 50-foot shark found at the south end of the lake.  Known as a great spot for training dives, especially for practicing buoyancy skills and completing deep dives, ScubaEarth users have so far logged 168 dives here in 2013.

#6 Blue Hole, New Mexico
A mere 80 feet/24m in diameter on the surface this natural phenomenon expands below to reach a diameter of 130 feet/40m, and the astonishing clarity and constant water temperature provides divers with ample reason to visit this diving mecca. ScubaEarth users consistently rate this a 5 star dive experience.

#5 Harlyn Bay, Cornwall, UK
Cataclews point is a notable diving entry point found at Harlyn Bay. ScubaEarth users have spied lots of Lobsters, whilst other marine life known to make residence in the Harlyn Bay area are spider crabs, peacock worms, Ballan Wrasse, sea bream, and cuttlefish. With numerous dive sites situated around Harlyn Bay including Newland Reef and Port Gaverne there is an abundance to explore.

#4 Wraysbury, UK
Wraysbury comes in at number 4 on the 2013 list of most dived spots on ScubaEarth. With incredible dive site charms such as the ‘Die Hard Taxi’, ‘The Bus’ and ‘Sticky Uppy Boat’, there is plenty to have you intrigued about this inland dive location. Serving as a training facility this lake is conveniently located close to London allowing dozens of ScubaEarth users to clock up their list of logged dives.

#3 Homestead Crater, Utah, USA
Looking for a warm water dive site in the US? This geothermal pool is the only place on the continent with warm water temperatures. Encased by a beehive-like dome, the small hole at the top allows light to enter whilst still trapping in the heat. The dive site is at altitude so remember to adjust your dive computers to compensate.

#2 Dutch Springs, Pennsylvania, USA

Cold Water Dive

Coming in at number two is another man-made diving locale, Dutch Springs, a spring-fed lake that began life as a limestone quarry. Enjoy a range of the submersed attractions that are found in this 50 acre lake, including a school bus, several aircraft, tram, truck, and diamond reef system. Swimming between these attractions you will share the water with numerous varieties of bass, trout, perch and goldfish.

#1 Stoney Cove, located in Leicestershire, England
Finally, the 2013 title of ScubaEarth most dived dive site goes to Stoney Cove in England. As one of the premier sites for diving in the British Isles, the cove has 417 logged dives on ScubaEarth. Dry suit adorned divers regularly descend into the quarry to explore a multitude of submerged wrecks and man-made interactive dive environments, or glide past pike, perch and freshwater crayfish.

Have you dived any of these top rated ScubaEarth dive sites?

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