We Asked PADI Staff: What Was Your First Job?

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Alan Jan – Manager Instructor Development
My first job was as a pastry chef. I learned from one of the best chocolatier in Switzerland (at the time)and was specialized in truffles, fine chocolates and other pastries. I later on worked for several high end hotels and learned to be a chef as well. What did I learn from that? I love cooking and my lovely wife enjoys gourmet meals and the occasional homemade dessert.

Mary Kaye Hester – Training and Quality Management
My first job was selling tickets at the front gate of a theme park called Carowinds at 16-years-old. Never ask anyone if they are eligible for the senior discount. If they are, they will tell you. If they’re not, the question really upsets them.

Randy Giles – Regional Manager / Directeur régional PADI Canada
My first job was flipping burgers at the local amusement park.

PADI Regional Manager Jon CoonJon Coon – Regional Manager (retired 2014)
Other than the regular work of family farming in summers, my first job was washing A&W root beer mugs and falling in love with all the slightly older short skirted, roller skating car hops. I was 13 or 14. I’s still a huge fan of A&W.
Update: Jon has since retired from PADI


Javier Barragan – Warehouse Supervisor & Traffic Administrator
My first job was with a company called Team Color as a screen printing technician. I learned to burn the silk screen with the lights and the many drawings used to come up with the final picture. I also learned to do the set-up and apply the different color ink, run the shirts through the head oven for drying.

Gary Joyce – PADI Midwest Regional Manager
I was a paperboy and earned enough to buy comic books and candy for me and my siblings

Andy  Kunig - PADI Training Consultant


Andy Kunig – Training and Quality Management Consultant
My first job? Lifeguard.


Jeff Nadler – Industry & Governmental Relations Executive
In high school I worked a summer job at the local hardware store. I learned the importance of greeting customers as they walked through the door and satisfying their needs. It was a good experience.

Roger Josselyn – PADI Retail and Resort Association
Lawn mowing – it’s a rite of passage. (that’s what I told my son anyway.)