Share to Win with ScubaEarth

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Share to win. Yes, it’s that simple.

You can win a whole range of great PADI ScubaEarth® goodies simply by sharing your activity during November and December 2013!

What can I win?

Well, you stand a chance of winning ScubaEarth branded items such as backpacks, hats, blankets, t-shirts, toys and more!

What do I share?

It’s up to you, but you have the opportunity to win wherever you see the share to social icons on ScubaEarth.

You can share a whole range of things on ScubaEarth. Want to show off your PADI certifications? Share them! Logged dives, your awesome photos and videos or your swag gear locker contents are all shareable. What do shares mean? Prizes!  (Yes, a shameless Bruce Forsyth catchphrase rip off for our UK readers!)

So, if you have a ScubaEarth account, get sharing now.  If haven’t registered for ScubaEarth, head to and set up your account.

Start sharing

Contest Details summary:

The Share to Win contest will run for two months during November and December, 2013.

A weekly prize will be awarded to the ScubaEarth user with the greatest number of shares of their personal content on ScubaEarth to other social media sites.

What types of content can I share?

  •   PADI certifications
  •   Logged dives
  •   Photos and videos
  •   Gear locker equipment

Winner Selection:

A new winner will be selected each week for eight weeks during the months of November and December.

Contest Prizes:
One or more ScubaEarth branded items such as backpacks, hats, blankets, t-shirts, toys, etc will be awarded each week.