Top ScubaEarth Dive Sites – Sharm el Sheik

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How do you choose which dive sites to explore at your chosen dive destination?

With over 50,000 + dive sites from around the world, ScubaEarth can help narrow down the list. Users reveal their favorites, and you can read, comment and rate the sites that you’ve been to, or are still waiting to explore.
Here are few from Egypt to get you started.

Sharm el Sheik, Egypt


The Sinai Peninsula in Egypt boasts many stunning topside treasures. With the Red Sea right on the doorstep the rich underwater metropolis is juxtaposed by the barren desertscape that pervades the shoreline and the rocky mountain range that follows. The unforgettable and surreal landscape that ensues is part of the drawcard that brings many travellers to this part of the world, however it is the world class diving that ensnares countless dive enthusiasts to take the plunge into the warm and inviting waters off Sharm el Sheik. ScubaEarth users rate these spots as highlights on any trip to this region:

Characterised by a suite of pinnacles and coral pillars this dive site is a great place to see octopus, Spanish dancers and moray eels. The density and mix of corals rivals that of any dive site in the area, and provide homes to an even larger range of schools of fish.

Sharks Bay
Here you can literally walk right into a dive site, from the beach to a 30m canyon all in one dive! Whether you do your dive training here, or come to explore the remarkable range of sandy plateaus and reef ledges, take in the immeasurable variety of fish and corals, or try and spot a bypassing pelagic visitor, Sharks Bay has something to offer everyone.

Jackson Reef
Tiger sharks and hammerhead sharks make frequent appearances in the strong currents that flow through this reef. On the northern edge of the reef lies the wreck of a shipping freighter. With most of the hull stripped bare, the skeletal remains make a breathtaking dive spot.

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