Top ScubaEarth Dive Sites – The Great Barrier Reef

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How do you choose which dive sites to explore at your chosen dive destination?

With over 50,000 + dive sites from around the world, ScubaEarth can help narrow down the list. Users reveal their favorites, and you can read, comment and rate the sites that you’ve been to, or are still waiting to explore.
Here are few from the Great Barrier Reef to get you started.

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef

Little really needs to be said about the world’s largest reef system. With over 3000 individual archipelago, islands and coral cays, it is longer than the Great Wall of China and is the only living thing you can see from space. Needless to say, diving it is a must. However, where do you start without feeling overwhelmed by the 135,000 square miles, 217,261 kilometres? Here are three ScubaEarth top dive sites to start ticking off your list:

Flynn Reef – Gordon’s Mooring
A popular spot with most levels of divers, the offerings on show at Flynn Reef are both exciting and vast. ScubaEarth users rate this spot for night dives, and list the enticements of the reef as the multiple swim-throughs, walls and full range of hard corals.

Milln Reef – Petaj
With marine life sightings at Milln Reef ranging from white tip reef sharks, to the resident turtles, as well as colorful nudibranch, schools of small fish and a host of whip and table corals, this dive site affords divers the opportunity to delight in a photographer’s playground.

Agincourt Reef
Located off the coastline near the Daintree National park, Agincourt Reef is a series of ribbon reefs that directly reap the benefits of their proximity to the Coral Sea. The continual replenishing of clear oceanic water from this area ensures that Agincourt Reef produces great visibility for diving as well as a superb collection of coral gardens to explore.

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