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Dive Travel. A highly infectious condition that once caught, is hard to shift. There are no preventative measures and the only way to cure an outbreak is with a severe dose of research into your next dive-getaway.  Thankfully this month we have you covered as we prepare to feature four incredible ScubaEarth dive destinations.

Red Sea

Red SeaIt’s challenging enough to pick out the best topside places to visit when you have to choose between the likes of the Pyramids of Giza, Petra in Jordan, or ancient Israel, let alone making a decision about which of the fabulous diving haunts to discover on a visit to the Red Sea.  Luckily, this ScubaEarth featured destination has uncovered some of the most notorious dive sites to visit, so you can make the most of your Red Sea experience. From wrecks, to walls, divers can drift their way around a magnitude of fantastic dive locations encountering an incredibly diverse range of marine life.



If there is one place that you want to lose yourself underwater, the Bahamas is the place to do so. With more than 700 islands scattered throughout the Atlantic Ocean this truly is a diver’s playground. Renowned for unique shark dives as well as the world’s deepest blue hole, at over 180 meters/600 feet, divers will find sites to enthral the novice all the way to the experienced Techy.

Cozumel Mexico

The ocean will truly be your tour guide at this must-dive destination.  So jump in and prepare to be taken for the ride of a lifetime. Mild to strong currents will lead you past a plethora of marine life, colorful corals and sponges. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to spot the Splendid Toadfish, an electric blue and black striped fish only found in Cozumel waters.


IndonesiaThey say that 90% of an iceberg is found below the surface, well Indonesia is the iceberg of diving. It is one of those destinations that you will keep coming back to time and time again and still feel like you haven’t touched the surface. With so much on offer everyone’s tastes are accounted for – sharks, turtles, macro critters, and large schooling fish – Indonesia has it all! Bali, Komodo, Lombok and the Gili Islands are just some of the incredible places waiting to be explored and provide a beautiful backdrop to the 3500 plus marine species that call these islands home.

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