Logging dives just got easier on ScubaEarth

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Logging a dive on ScubaEarth has never been easier with the launch of the new ‘Dive Computer File Import Wizard’. The tool allows you to upload your individual dives, or multiple dives, and will generate your dive profiles so you can easily log your dives on ScubaEarth.

Update: June 2014 – you can also log dives on the go from your mobile device with the new ScubaEarth app. It’s available for Android and iOS.

How to import your dives to ScubaEarth:

  1. Transfer the dive information from your dive computer to your personal computer using the dive computer manufacturer’s (or another third party) software that supports DL7 exports.
  2. Export the dive data using the export function of the manufacturer’s software.
  3. In ScubaEarth, click ‘Log a Dive’, then ‘Upload Dive Computer File’ and browse to your exported file
  4. After a successful upload, you’ll see dives from the imported file and can choose what you would like to log on ScubaEarth.
  5. You can complete logging your dives by selecting ‘log this dive’ and following the log a dive wizard steps. You will need to enter some additional required information such as dive site association and dive visibility.
  6. View your detailed dive profile on the graph and share your logged dives with your buddies and friends!

The import tool is compatible with DL7 file formats and additional formats will be available soon.

Visit ScubaEarth to try out this new feature today!

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