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One of the many excellent things about being a scuba diver is dive travel. As a certified diver, you can explore every corner of our blue planet, not just the lousy one-third left to landlubbers.

With so many choices, a common question divers ask us is, where should I go next and what are the best places to dive on XYZ island? Here are some resources for planning your next dive trip.

ScubaEarth Featured Destinations
On ScubaEarth you will find more than 60 Featured Destinations with essential information about:

  • The best time of year to visit
  • Iconic marine life
  • Top dive sites
  • What to pack
  • Topside activities
  • Local food and drink recommendations


We’ll be adding more destinations in the coming months. If the destination you’re looking for hasn’t been covered yet, you can also check out our Scuba Vacation Spotlights on

Let’s say you’ve decided on Fiji. The ScubaEarth Featured Destination profile for Fiji tells you the diving is great year round, but the best visibility is July through December. The profile also says the best deals are December through February.

After reading about the top dives on Fiji you come across this great piece of info:

Manta Reef, Kadavu:
One of the few places in the world where you are (almost) guaranteed to see manta rays.

That seals the deal. In December, you have a date with a manta ray.

Additional exploration on ScubaEarth leads you to this map (see below). Wow, that’s a lot of dive sites; with only a week’s vacation, how do you choose which ones to visit? The good news is: on ScubaEarth you can view ratings, photos and comments from other divers. So when the divemaster asks, “any requests for today?” You’ll be ready with an answer.

Fiji Scuba Map
You can also use ScubaEarth to connect with PADI Dive Centers at your destination. Peruse photos, videos and join the store’s Dive Crew to follow their activities or connect with the store on Facebook.

Map showing places I've been scuba diving

Before you go, download the Scuba Diving Vacation Checklist to ensure you don’t forget something important. After your trip, log your dives on ScubaEarth to “pay it forward” and help other divers plan their next scuba adventure.

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