ScubaEarth Mobile App – Coming Soon

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Imagine getting out of the water after one of the most incredible dives. You’ve seen a whale shark and taken the best photo of it gliding past you in the water. You can’t wait to share your dive with all your dive buddies and friends. Soon, you won’t have to! The ScubaEarth Mobile App is set to launch very soon and will allow you to access many of the features available on ScubaEarth all from your smartphone or mobile device! Log a dive whilst your toes are still in the sand, upload that amazing image of a manta and share it via ScubaEarth to your other social networking sites.  Connect with your dive buddies on the go, and search for dive sites or a PADI Dive Shop nearby. You, along with tens of thousands of divers, will have the ability to find and engage with your buddies more easily. The scuba world will be in the palm of your hand.

The ScubaEarth App is Coming Soon! Some of the initial ScubaEarth Mobile App features:

  • Log a dive – Record the dive site you were just at, the visibility, water temperature, bottom time, and maximum depth as well as many more of the features available within ScubaEarth, like the dive buddies you were with, ending tank pressure and an overall rating of the dive experience.
  • Photo Upload – Add your dive photos directly to your ScubaEarth profile. Crop them for maximum effect and wait for all your dive buddies to ooh and ahh over the amazing marine life that you just saw!
  • Social Sharing Options – Log, record and upload all your dive information onto ScubaEarth, but don’t stop there. The ScubaEarth Mobile App will also have the ability to share all of your logged information to your other social media pages. Tell everyone about your latest deep, wreck or night dive!
  • Buddy Requests – Stay connected to the divers you meet. Send and receive buddy requests whilst your new acquaintance is right there to approve them! You don’t want to miss out on the chance to dive with them again just because you spelt their name wrong!

With the new ScubaEarth Mobile App you can make use of your surface intervals or the boat trips back to shore. It will be easier than ever to research, plan and share your scuba diving experiences!

These are just some of the initial features of the ScubaEarth app and more features will be rolled out in 2013. Stay tuned for more information about the ScubaEarth Mobile App!

In the meantime, make sure you register or login to ScubaEarth to log your dives, share your favorite diving pictures, find buddies and much more!