ScubaEarth user logs 1000th dive

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PADI Master Instructor and Mayor of ScubaEarth, Andrew Ricks has now logged 1000 dives on ScubaEarth!   Congratulations Andrew!


Andrew on his 1000th dive

Andrew on his 1000th dive

We caught up with Andrew and asked him a few questions.

PADI: Tell us about your 1000th dive?

Andrew: Its great to finally reach 1000 dives. My 1000th dive was taking our youngest student, Jack Walker aged 10, who has been in our seal team, on his first dive of his junior open water. Hopefully this is the first of many, greatly encouraged by his mum Debra, who will become an Assistant Instructor later today, as I am finishing her course.

PADI: Any dives that stand out in the 1000?

Andrew: I have had a few favourites along the way; one seeing my son’s face as he did his first dive and a 5 meter whale shark coming cursing past as he was descending! That was back in 2004. Here in North Cornwall, England, I will always remember looking up from U1021 (a German U-boat sunk 1945) and seeing the boat on the surface in 50 meters plus visibility. Finally, my first Giant Manta sighting while doing a safety stop in the blue as it came out of nowhere and buzzed around us and flew a foot over our heads.

PADI: What improvements have you noticed on ScubaEarth since dive 1?

Andrew: The main change I noticed on ScubaEarth is how much faster it is to log a dive, especially for me as I put in most of our dive sites as well.

PADI: The next 1000?

Andrew: As for the next 1000, I will take them one at a time. I am sure there will be great ones and some not so good but any day underwater is a good day in the office.

ScubaEarth Major LogoSo for now Andrew is still Mayor of ScubaEarth. Can you challenge him for his crown? Check out and get logging!