ScubaEarth: Finding Buddies made easy

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We all enjoy diving with our buddies, even the one that is always late or forgetting vital bits of kit. ScubaEarth enables us to share our dives and pictures with our buddies.

Finding your existing buddies is easy if they are registered on ScubaEarth (why not get them to sign up if they’re not!)

Simply Buddy Search

The quickest way to find your buddies is simple – use the search box. Just start typing and like Google, it should give you a drop down list of options.

ScubaEarth Search box


Too many Trevors? Surely not. But just in case the name you are searching for is very popular, then why not try out the Advanced Search function?

ScubaEarth advanced-search


With Advanced Search you can perform much more detailed searches. Met someone on a dive trip but can’t remember their full name, but know they live in Berlin? No problem. Just do a search on First Name and add Berlin to the city box and select Germany from the drop down.

It’s a simple way of finding your dive Buddies on ScubaEarth.

Finding New Buddies

Looking for new dive buddies? The great thing about ScubaEarth is that you can not just log dives, but you can also check out dive sites and divers who have logged dives there. Maybe it’s your local dive spot. Check it out on ScubaEarth and look for the Recent Diver box in the sidebar. Anyone who has logged a dive on the site recently will appear. Perfect to find new dive buddies and grow the scene in your local area.

ScubaEarth recent-diver


What are you waiting for? Check out ScubaEarth now.