ScubaEarth Featured Dive Site: Babylon

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The current Featured ScubaEarth Dive Site is Babylon, located just off the Cayman Islands.

It is rated as a ’5 star dive’ by ScubaEarth users and this is a dive site not to be missed when diving in the Caribbean!

The ScubaEarth overview includes the following; Noted as one of the Top 10 wall dives in the Caribbean. Just mention the word Babylon to any Cayman Divemaster and you will notice a sparkle in their eye”.


Source: ScubaEarth

Recent logged dives have consistently rated Babylon as a 5 star dive with amazing visibility. The associated images and the recent dive info highlight why it is a favorite of many avid divers from around the world!

The user description continues with the following; The wall topography changes from a sheer plunging wall face to cascading sheets of plate coral and large pinnacles jutting in to the crystal clear waters of the Cayman Trench.

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