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ScubaEarth Power User Roel Schulting

Like many PADI Pros, Roel Schulting always had an interest in the underwater world. Raised in The Netherlands, he completed his open water and advanced training in water that was 7 degrees Celsius /44 degrees Fahrenheit. After taking a break from diving after college, Roel picked it up again “with a vengeance and never looked back” logging dives in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Galapagos.

He says, “My Facebook status when not at work was short and simple: GONE DIVING! Being stationed all over the world working as a hydrographic surveyor didn’t hurt either.”

Upon realizing diving was progressing from a hobby in to a full-blown addiction, Roel convinced his company to grant him a three month leave of absence to do a Divemaster internship. It was all downhill after that.

“After [the Divemaster program] I returned to work but my mind was somewhere gliding over reefs or calculating gas requirements for technical dives. To nobody’s surprise, no long after, I quit my job to try and make it in diving and now I’m back in Aqaba doing an IDC internship with Rod Abbotson at Dive Aqaba and an IE coming up in June (2013).

“Diving for me is all about enjoying the beauty of the underwater world. A bad day diving still beats any day in some stuffy office. One reason for me to become an instructor is to be able to share this with people. Not only for their own enjoyment, but specifically to make them aware of how precious and fragile is this beautiful environment. More and more is disappearing every year (where did all the sharks go?). As dive professionals we are in the frontline to save this environment. We have an obligation to educate people, to raise awareness.”

With a passion for diving and conservation, we know Roel will make a great PADI Instructor. He’s also one of the top users currently on ScubaEarth with more than 400 logged dives, and he’s got many more to add.

PADI Pro Roel Schulting and ScubaEarth user

“Most of the dives I haven’t logged yet are the ones for which I still have to find the exact location. Being a surveyor my positions have to be accurate…a couple hundred meters off just annoys me.”

In addition to the ability to edit dive sites, Roel notes recent improvements in the dive log function on ScubaEarth, “Over the last couple of months a lot of improvements have been implemented and I found it quite easy to quickly log a fair bit of my dives.”

Roel also sites the Diver Profile as a useful feature, “As a beginning PADI Pro, this is a possibility to present myself.” Scuba Earth as a diver’s scuba resume, great concept!

To follow Roel’s adventures working as a PADI Pro in Aqaba, send him a buddy request on ScubaEarth.

“I’m out on the boat every day, guiding, assisting with courses or doing stuff for my IDC. Diving in Aqaba offers all kinds of possibilities; from nice shallow reef dives and the Cedar Pride wreck to deep Technical dives along the reefs or at the deep wrecks Taiyong and Shorouk. The view looking up the Power Station Wall towards the surface decompressing after a 100m dive is unbelievable.”

Roel, we wish you all the best in your IDC and your future adventures as a PADI Pro. Thanks for being a member of ScubaEarth!

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