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Each week we highlight a Featured Destination from the major dive locations on

The next three destinations to be featured are Vietnam, Spain and Hawaii!  

Below is a small introduction to each Featured Destination to wet your appetite. The full Featured Destinations sections on ScubaEarth have essential information like the best time to visit, what to expect, iconic marine life and the top sites. You can also log dives, share pictures, find buddies, add gear and much more!

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VietnamVietnam has been a favorite tourist destination for a number of years but is fast becoming a favorite for divers as well due to it’s amazing diving locations and sites. Vietnam has a beautiful coastline that stretches 3,400 kilometers (2,100 miles) along the Gulf of Tonkin and the South China Sea. It was only a matter of time before divers would begin exploring and sharing there stories about this incredible destinations with other divers. Read the full Destination Feature here.


SpainSpain is all time favorite for many divers. Between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll find lots of places to get wet off Spain. For the best, head to the dramatic Costa Brava and explore the marine park-protected Medes Islands. Here, explosive red and vivid yellow gorgonians light up the reef they share with a wonderful line-up of marine life, including curious octopus, groupers, rays, and conger eels. Read the full Destination Feature here.


HawaiiThis world famous travel and dive destination has the lot. Hawaii offers many different diving locations and environments all in close proximity. Each island is unique, almost 30 percent of everything you see, you will only see in the islands of Hawaii. The waters off all of Hawaii, fill with the beautiful song of humpback whales during the season. You’ll see a bit of everything from frogfish to dragon morays and lots of sea turtles. Read the full Destination Feature here.

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