Exciting Updates on ScubaEarth

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There has been some exciting updates on ScubaEarth in the last few weeks, as the new online scuba community continues to grow. As an user community these updates reflect the changes that divers wanted to see for their community.

Recent updates include an advanced search option, a new FAQ & help section, adding a dive site improvements, log in via social media option, increased editing as well faster site speeds including when logging dives. A full list of these updates are below.

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Advanced Search


The new ‘Advanced Search’ function is now live on ScubaEarth. This allows you to easily search and connect with divers and PADI Dive Shops. The advanced search also includes the ability for you to narrow your search for a specific country and state or province. Whether you are looking to find a dive buddy from your last dive trip, connect with a favorite PADI Dive Shop or simply looking for all your current dive buddies, the advanced search function makes this easier!

You can find the ‘Advanced Search’ link below the normal search function.

New FAQ & Help Section

An extended FAQ & Help Section is now available to help you maximize your ScubaEarth experience. Sections include Registering for ScubaEarth, Profile & Account Settings, Technical & Troubleshooting, Gear & Manufacturer, Media (Photos & Videos), Logging Dives, Privacy & Reporting, General and Further Help.

You can find the the FAQ & Help Section on the footer of any page (including the homepage) titled FAQ.

Adding a Dive Site


Refinements have been made to make it easier to ‘Add a Dive Site’ when do not know the latitude & longitude of the site you wish to add. The map now allows you to easily add a site to ScubaEarth.

Edit Your Address

Whether you are a PADI Diver, Non-PADI Diver or Non Diver in ScubaEarth, you can now easily edit your address and details.

To edit your address and details simply click the ‘Edit Profile’ link below your profile avatar (image). You can also edit your settings for personal information, avatar, account settings, privacy and social media.

PADI Professionals can easily edit their address and much more by visiting the PADI Pros’ Site.

Logging a Dive – Now Faster


Logging a dive on ScubaEarth is now faster with improvements to the process of logging a dive. This update also ensures that uploading the dive to ScubaEarth is also a faster experience.

Want to log a dive even faster? After selecting a site and completing the required fields click the ‘finish’ button at the top and you are done!

Log in to ScubaEarth with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn

You can now easily log in to ScubaEarth via your favorite social media site log in. This makes logging in a faster process when you are logged into your favorite social media sites.

Look for the ‘Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn’ buttons on the top right of the ScubaEarth homepage when you log in next.

Make sure you visit  scubaearth.com today to register or log in!