5 Awesome Things You Can Do On ScubaEarth

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Whether you’ve only got a few dives under your belt or you’re a seasoned pro, ScubaEarth is a great resource for all things scuba. Every day there’s something new to discover and explore on the site, and because content is created by users, you’ll be joining an online community of thousands of people who share your passion for all things underwater.

Here are five awesome things you can do on ScubaEarth.com:

Create a digital log book: Modern life is all about convenience, which means you have the choice to go digital when logging dives, and ScubaEarth makes it easy. From dive one to 1,000, you can access your logged dives from any computer, tablet or smartphone in just a few clicks.

Share your favorite pictures and videos: If you dig underwater photography and videography, ScubaEarth makes it easy to share those epic images of underwater life, stunning coral formations, hidden caverns and other breathtaking moments that make scuba diving so special. It’s also easy to share your pictures or videos across other social media platforms such as Facebook. All your friends will be in awe!


Find scuba destinations: Time to plan your next vacation? Hit up ScubaEarth to access detailed information on 60-plus scuba destinations for your next dive trip. You’ll get current conditions about incredible dive destinations including top marine life, featured dive sites and travel essentials, so you are sure to have a trip of a lifetime!

Discover dive sites worldwide: From wrecks  to reefs and everything in-between , you can explore information on more than 50,000+ dives sites around the world. You may discover a cool new site near you that you hadn’t even heard about. This is also a great resource when you’re traveling or just getting ideas for your next dive trip.

Connect with friends, both new and old: ScubaEarth is an online community where you can connect with your existing dive buddies, plus make new friends who share your same interests. Make sure you check out the advanced search option which makes it even easier to find your buddies. You can also connect with your PADI Dive Shop for their upcoming trips, courses, events and much more!

There’s something new and exciting to discover every day on ScubaEarth, so why not grow your passion for diving and join for free today?

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