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ScubaEarth is your one-stop resource for everything scuba related where you can plan and share your dive experiences, but it’s more then just a dive log.   ScubaEarth Featured destinations are your resource to help plan future trips or add destinations to your bucket list.

On ScubaEarth you will find over 60 Featured Destinations with essential information like the best time to visit, what to expect, iconic marine life and the top sites at each location.  We’ll be adding many more destinations and providing more information on the existing ones as the site grows.

Each week we feature on of these destination on our Facebook page and here is a look back at 3 previous ones:

1. Costa Rica

With rainforests topside and an underwater landscape that can include manta rays and bull sharks, Costa Rica is a wild west of surprises and diversity.
to see more details including destinations essentials, iconic marine life and top dive sites.  Find out more at ScubaEarth or log a dive at your favorite site or upload photos/videos.

2. South Africa

As you might expect from a country filled with lions, elephants, hippos, and all the fauna and flora that make a terrestrial safari so thrilling; the experience beneath the water is equally as compelling. The South African coast has a large array of diving from the tempered waters with kelp forests in the Cape to the Subtropical reefs in the north east of the country.  Want to know more? Log onto

3. Australia

Australia offers a wonderful collection of diving and travel experiences. Australia truly has it all when it comes to diving; from warm water to cold water, reefs to wrecks, whale sharks to nudibranchs; you could almost spend a lifetime diving any region of this vast continent. Log onto for the full feature, log your dives, share pics and much more!


Over the coming weeks we’ll be featuring  more destinations, but here is a taster of three future ones:


Vietnam is a relative newcomer to the global dive scene.  But, with a coastline that stretches 3,400 kilometers/2,100 miles along the Gulf of Tonkin and the South China Sea, it was inevitable that divers would begin exploring and then wanting to share their finds with the world.

2.Red Sea

If you stand on the shore, you’d have no idea that any life exists in the Red Sea. The shoreline is mostly barren, dry, rocky desertscape. But, giant striding into this sliver of water tucked between Africa and the Middle East is like stepping through the looking glass and arriving in thriving marine metropolis, full of colour.


Hawai’i is several destinations in one, as each of the major islands has it’s own unique dive experience. But, while each island is unique, almost 30 percent of everything you see, you will only see in the islands of Hawai’i.