PADI Instructor Logs 200 Dives on ScubaEarth

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Oliver Dittus is a PADI Instructor and also one of the first ScubaEarthlings to log 200+ dives* on ScubaEarth.  Oliver lives in the Florida Keys where he regularly dives Looe Key and the Adolphus Bush wreck.

* ScubaEarth “Mayor” Andrew Ricks holds the current record for dives logged with nearly 1000.

When asked what he loves about diving in The Keys, Oliver tells us he enjoys simply driving to an unmarked site and “just jumping in and exploring.” Perhaps it’s this frontiersman spirit that inspired Oliver to establish a presence on ScubaEarth.

Oliver first became interested in scuba diving at the age of eight, when his father got certified.  He even recalls attending the class “watching them get to use all this neat equipment that let them breathe underwater and was just amazed.“

Twenty-two years later, Oliver and his wife were certified as open water divers. Several years later, Oliver decided to share his love of the underwater world with others by becoming a PADI Instructor.

Fiji Reef
“I had been on a 2 week trip to the Cayman Islands and remember sitting on the boat the last day after my final dive and was thinking this is such an amazing thing to be able to do.  I wish I could share this with everyone.  So I decided what better way to share my passion for diving than to teach others to do it.”

By logging dives on ScubaEarth, your information and experience helps direct other divers to what’s cool and interesting about a particular site. It also establishes you as the local expert.

Oliver pointed out another benefit of logging dives online, “Being able to have your log book on a computer is just easier.  No more trying to log your dive on a rocking boat where it’s hard to write or where things can get wet.  Just note the [dive] info on a slate and then come back to your room and transcribe it quickly and easily into Scuba Earth.  You will always have access to it.”

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